Ordered by chain of thought, I guess.
There is no such thing as a side character in this story.
Just character's whose stories are not currently being told...
I recommend reading these descriptions after you've read the archive.

height: 5' 11", maybe more, frustratingly not 6'
age: 25 (modern times) 18 (legend times)
eye: black, night blue in light
A type of immortal bird capable of taking the shape of a man.
His skin tends to be darker and hair lighter than average for his race.
One living relative - his adopted brother, Ajrah.
Ajrah's mother, Manjit, became Vidu's teacher and later, his adopted mother.
Manjit and her two daughters are deceased, as well as Vidu's biological parents.
height: 5' 2"
age: 19
eye: gold/honey
Pug, but if human, Louisiana Creole.
Has a mole on the left side of her nose.
Likes cold french fries brought home in napkins by her owners.
Two family members: her boy, Dexter, and pack leader Jennifer (Dexter's mother)
The hardest part of becoming human will be her lack of citizenship and education.
  Anya (short for another name...)
height: 6' 5"
age: 32ish
eye: hazel (mahogany/pine darks, amber lights)
Hair is strait and limp when wet, really curly when dry.
Broke his nose some time ago, never quite healed right
Drinks coffee in place of sleeping
Has three living family members: father (indifferent), brother (hates), nephew (adores)
Carries a wrist watch in his pocket which he only wears at work (itches)
Is a hospital nurse. His favorite part of the job is babies.
He wears pink scrubs when he wants to aggravate is manager.
Very proficient and a productive writer/journalist as a hobby.
  The Wolf (name yet ungiven in the comic)
height: 5' 5"
age: ???
eye: Glacier blue, storm gray on the rims.
He makes a small man, but is a massive tiger sized beast in animal forms.
He is more fluid in his physical form than others - human, wolf, seal all run together.
Nasty tempered, unhaveable unless he lets you have him, viciously loyal at that point.
His fur is white in winter, black/brown in summer, like a ptarmigan's feathers.
If human, he is Inuit.
No family, living or dead, as far as he knows.
  Angelique Dixie
height: 5' 10"
eye: black
age: 28
hair: blackishbrownish
Responds to both pronounciations Anjeleek and Onhelleek
Racially mixed Cuban, African, European.
Inherited the coffee shop from her mother, Inova (dead, breast cancer, 3 years ago).
Was a wild child until breaking up with long time boyfriend Deyon 3 years ago.
Single now for three years, running the coffee shop after her mother left it.
Angelique is named for her mother's brother, Angel.
Two living relatives - father Charlie Dixie, and younger sister Chiqueeta.
  Dexter Herrera
height: 5'3"
age: 12
hair: black
A demon child.
His mother, Jennifer, has not given up on him yet though.
She hoped a dog would help.
Dexter finally got an A in math, so Jen bought him a puppy.
Dexter wanted something giant and toothy though ... not small, fat, and snuffly.
Hufflepuff, but a very nasty Quidditch beater.
  The Fish
60lb of scaly fighting muscle (bring the Good Rod.)
Bares markings of the thunderbird.
Is modeled loosely after sock eye salmon.
  The Spider
Is a creeper.
Is famous for her particularly special abilities
But even more so she is famous for the offspring she will beget.
It was not by accident that she watched Vidu's encounter with the wolf and the fish.
However, she is interested only in that he leaves and does not come back.
  The Earth
Currently sleeping.
Is a River Dragon.
Whatever you think Gaia is, you should (ominously) disregard it.

Eye colors of all characters - I'm a lazy artist. They DO have eye colors.
I just so frequently get cartoony and give them black eyes. ^^;;;;

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