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  D00R : TG 056
Posted on 07 Oct 2010 04:48 pm by blix


Pardon me while I nerd spoodge. I have waited a year and a half, drawing pages, for both the wolf and the fish to finally enter.

Being that TG is somewhat of a fairytale ... it does hold with previously conceived notions and meanings of fish. It is such a meek but powerful creature in so many stories. It seems often to herald the end of old problems and the beginning of drastically worse ones. XD Even in the real world, so many types of fish die in the process of spawning. Water dwelling creatures were the first to live and have proceeded to be the greatest food source for the rest of us. This particular fish is a salmon - probably the most notorious type of fish in terms of birth, death, grand journeys, and food sources.

I suppose I am excited for the wolf and the fish because they are opposite sorts of creatures. In its death, the fish brings life. In its life, the wolf brings necessary death.

If these characters were Tarot cards, the wolf would be Death (which please recall means Change) and the fish would be The World (the most ambiguously themed card in the whole damn deck ...... I take it to mean 'life', the question with the most ambiguous meaning.)

Amusingly, neither the wolf or the fish are present for that long in Toilet Genie. Their greater roles in Door though are vast.

Obviously if Life and Death are converging on Vidu, he is about to be simultaneously blessed cursed.

Anyway ... I over think everything I ever write.

TWC: Furthermore, if I could please add double meanings in quadruplicate, the fish's design and basis in legend are the Halcyon. Traditionally, it is a bird that nests on the open sea and calms the waves so that it may lay its eggs on the suface of the water. In Door though, the Halcyon is a salmon with black markings imitating a double headed Thunderbird. It breaths air as easilly as water. It has been mistaken for a sea serpent on occassion, and the cycle of the salmon has inspired the Uroboros symbol.
(So in summary, panel three shows the back fin and partial side of the Halcyon Life Uroboros Salmon! 8DDDDDDDDDD)

*** Please note, legend accuracy was at no point the issue.

It's all quite silly because there is massive world building theory gone into this whole project ... but my interest is in story telling and character narrating, and so I have not tooled the story to make full use of all the thought that goes in to Door.

One could argue that a good story makes full use and gives ample explanation of its setting, and so I hope Door shall someday, but 50 pages is most definitely not enough to do so.



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Posted by ParadoxComic on 07 Oct 2010 05:23 pm!
The face of the fish in the vote incentive reminds me of the mouths of the monsters from Tremors.


Posted by blix on 07 Oct 2010 05:29 pm!
I just googled Tremors now. XD Those monsters look like Sandworm rip offs. hee heeee ~

Posted by Kassie (Guest) on 07 Oct 2010 06:26 pm!
it has been for EVER since I have been able to comment properly (lengthy absence from most of the internet, blah blah), but... my crack theory is that the wolf is Wru and the fish is Ry.
You can all point and laugh at me now.
(PS gorgeous page as ever!)

Posted by Jazeki on 07 Oct 2010 06:52 pm!
Your fishy explanation is most entertaining. I appreciate her design. Also, the significance of Vidu smelling alive.

Posted by three-legged-cow on 07 Oct 2010 06:57 pm!
OMFG I LOVE TREMORS! And Wolfie is so cute it hurts.

Posted by on 07 Oct 2010 07:03 pm!
I'm speechless.

Posted by Fang Shinobi on 13 Oct 2010 03:00 am!
Love all the significance behind the story. And the fish looks cool right now and I bet it'll look cooler when it's in full view. Plus eating his hair must be the cutest thing Wolfy's done lol.