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  D00R : TG 087
Posted on 04 Jun 2011 06:07 pm by blix

TWC: random painting of Skittlez. XD Feeling stressed. Make small paintings when stressed, which is silly, because it takes time away from everything else I should work on.

More art posted recently:
Giant Pikachu Painting
Recolored old Pan's Labyrinth art
And I drew a pile of other things that I can't scan because my scanner broke. XD
Most significantly I've been working on a book cover commission that's really challenging. O_o;;;

Sorry I have been gone so long. ;_; But thank you so much for sticking with this project.

Whiny explanation of absence:

So ... sorry I've been gone so much. ;_; Three weeks, sort of. With no explanation. And I don't have a lot to show from those weeks for various reasons. XD

I've been working hard to finish a bunch of art for others, the biggest looming thing is a giant book cover commission that's digitally colored. ;_; I guess I can't really show anything of it until the magazine it's for posts the final result. But that's why I didn't update at all last week... digital painting is the most difficult thing I've ever tried to do. I read piles of tutorials, looked at bunches of painters I admire, and still I can't really manage it.

And then this week, after I'd painted Thursday's page ... THURSDAY MORNING. Scanner dies. :(

Poor 9 year old scanner. *huggle*

Thank you everyone who preordered books back in December and everyone who bought stuff at ECCC, Sakura, and Spokane CC. YOU ARE THE REASON I HAVE NOW BOUGHT A NEW SCANNER. <3 Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford it and I'd be begging for commissions right now to buy one.

So now I wait for scanner to come in the mail. c:

Mlah, this update is complete now because I went to Office Max and paid them to scan it.

SO... SO.... I'm pretty much at the end of a giant owed art pile. I've cleared everything from my schedule this summer except for TG pages, conventions to show off TG ... and then piles and piles of TG related illustration. *_*

I'm really looking forward to it.

I know from your perspective you're like "where did this creator go? O_o I guess they died. Meh."

But for me, the beginning of June is like some sort of crazy rebirth as I claw out from under a pile of work. XD


I swear TG is building up to actual cool stuff that isn't just exposition.

Maybe next week, more random art, because it feels like I've done a pile of stuff that's in progress and almost done but not quite.

Also next week, A-KON. X3 See you there?


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Posted by eishiya on 04 Jun 2011 06:34 pm!
I like the exposition (or rather, the world-building it entails), but I'm looking forward to seeing Skittlez and not-flashback!Vidu again <3

Posted by Guest on 04 Jun 2011 11:12 pm!
YO I miss skittlez. This stuff is pretty and all, but I'm kinda lost...

Posted by Jazeki (Guest) on 05 Jun 2011 12:48 am!
Everything exists because it has a purpose?

yay Posted by Jety Lefr on 05 Jun 2011 02:50 pm!
New Page!!!

Posted by lwolff89 on 05 Jun 2011 09:25 pm!
I love the artwork and the world you're building in the flashbacks. I can't wait to see the awakening!

Posted by Shaharw (Guest) on 06 Jun 2011 08:03 am!
Can't wait to see the river dragon awaken. Will see you at A-kon!

Posted by Soldier_Of_Laziness on 07 Jun 2011 03:30 am!
I have no damn clue whats going on.

Posted by rebbie-poo (Guest) on 08 Jun 2011 01:25 am!
This makes sooooooooo much more sense the second time around! I just found TG... yesterday, I think, and I've read it through twice and I LOVE IT. I admire your art style, and I can tell the story is going to go to some really cool places. I really want hard copies of the chapters just to have and re-read every few days or so. :) Awesome, and please keep writing and drawing! I love TG!