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  D00R : TG 104
Posted on 15 Nov 2011 03:13 am by blix

I am writing this the 15th! :B

Because as you read this comic on the 17th, I am in San Antonio! ^^ For two and a half weeks. I'll finish coloring this page when I come back. The next three weeks of updates will be sketches of stuff that isn't TG, since the majority of my art supplies aren't with me.

XD This page. There is a minicomic I want to draw of Anya and Angelique and how they ended up with their numbers in each others' phones under bizarre names.

Anya: ..... a murse is a man PURSE. Not a man NURSE.
Angelique: pun intended.

hmmm.... three conversations occurring simultaneously on the same page. Anya/Angelique, Anya/Skittlez, and Anya/Anya <~ O_o uhm hm.

lol. light red. Halo.

Now we can all partake in the Halo nerdery, unlike my previous Portal fail.


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