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  D00R : TG 105
Posted on 12 Jan 2012 04:54 am by blix

That panel 2. Before there were car windows, there was Vidu.

Might want to click back and review page 104.

TWC: Sedna puffs up if he's going to bite.

If you're still reading TG after two months of no updates, I guess you really care about it and deserve some kind of explanation.

But, heh, I am just very tired right now. ^^;

It's better to just say that I don't love TG any less than I ever did before, but the stress of drawing it is getting to me. Not just the weight of it on my time, (5 or 6 days a week of free time to produce one page), but also the stress of expectations and the sense of failure that comes from updating it.

Recently, I have taken on some other art for other people, and I've been surprised at how much relief was found in working with others. Mostly, in having them tell me I have done a good job for them and the work is complete.

When I work for only myself, nothing is ever good enough. I hate this page, even though it is the product of hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of my life.

I'd like to write here everything that's on my mind, but I feel like I'm too acutely aware of the entire mind game. It would be too much of an intimate head trip to describe every force that's kept me from updating in the last month.

The end result is the only thing that matters, and the end result is that there will still be missed updates in the future (due to lack of time, because I want to devote more time to projects with other people that keep me sane), but there will also be on time updates. ^^ I am not quiting TG, and that was never an option on my mind.

Of all the creators I follow, the best of them are the ones that have beat their own head games.

If I didn't have to fight demons, I wouldn't have demons to write about.


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